Ditzy Doo, usually called Derpy or Derpy Hooves, and also referred to as Lady Bright Eyes by the people of Neighers, is a female Pegasus who, along with Tick Tock, is a companion to the Doctor. Although clumsy and easily distracted, she can be smart if she needs to be. She is voiced by Jack "BaldDumboRat" Thatcher, which usually leads people to believe that Thatcher is a female.


Derpy's most prominent features are her wall eyes and her bubble cutie mark. She has a blonde mane and grey fur. Her eyes are the same shade of yellow as her mane.


Derpy is nice, loving,and caring. She is very sensitive, though she is rarely ever shy. When the situation is bad, she starts to act tougher, especially when someone messes with her friends.