Doctor Whooves, also known as Time Turner and most commonly referred to as the Doctor, is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He accidentally crashed in to Equestria one day, and, as such, was transformed into a pony. As he is not from Equestria, he is very fascinated by pony culture, to the point of being obsessed with ponies. He also has a special liking for unicorns. In episodes 1-8, the voice of the Doctor was provided by Zaki "Keikoandgilly" Hughes. From episode 8 onwards, he is voiced by Zachary "Jestre DeRama" French. The Doctor's two traveling companions are Ditzy (Derpy Hooves) Doo, and Tick Tock, as of episode 8 pt "Terror".

Appearance Edit

The Doctor is a brown earth pony. His mane is shaped in a Mohawk style and is dark brown. He has an hourglass cutie mark and blue eyes. From episode 6 onwards, he wears a green tie given to him by Derpy.


The Doctor lives a care free, optimistic way of life. He is usually happy, and has a huge sense of humor. Although, in some instances, he can be very serious. For example, in episode 8, when reminded of The Last Great Time War, he became very sad and dark.

Turner is extremely excitable, unintentionally rude with his bluntness, almost always laughing and smiling, and really uncomfortably nosy. He’s not afraid to get in someone’s face and ask really awkward questions. He’s been described as “the Doctor who laughs at everything, because he fears what he’ll do if he stops.”

Turner is a big giant liar. All his excitement and his avoidance of bad situations is a cover up for how much wrath and guilt he has cooped up inside. He’s been known to become violent in the series, even resorting to killing his enemies. (For example, he melted the fralorn with no regret whatsoever and destroyed the cyberponies out of spite for their inability to change.) He doesn’t do this because he’s violent, but more because he doesn’t want anyone else's ‘hooves’ to get dirty, so he does it before taking the risk.

And that makes him an extremely dangerous Doctor to corner, because he WILL act immediately when threatened with no second thoughts.

Other Doctors Edit

Various other Doctors have also appeared in Doctor Whooves and Assistant. In episode 7, another Doctor nicknamed Clockwork was switched with Time Turner after being pulled from their respective universes by the Jabberwock. The same episode also featured a nameless female Doctor, as well as the discorded Doctor from the Tumblr comic Discorded Whooves by JitterbugJive/BaldDumboRat.