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Tick Tock is the second companion to the Doctor , first appearing in episode 8. He is from the village of Neighers, a run down village taken over by war. He is usually alone in his room, toying with whatever gadgets he has invented. He is voiced by PegasusBrill (whose real name is unknown).


Tick Tock is a unicorn, much to the Doctor's delight. Also to the Doctor's whim, Tick Tock has ginger hair. He has orange fur and green eyes. His cutie mark is a gear, due to his love for inventing. He wears a pair of bright green goggles around his neck.


Tick Tock sustained an old injury that has paralyzed his face, keeping him from expressing emotion to its fullest. Seen as an outcast, and a nuisance, around his old home has kept Tick Tock distant and introverted so that he may work on his inventions in peace. Despite this, traveling with the Doctor has proven to bring out a much cheerier side of Tick Tock where he can express himself to the best of his ability in an environment he is much more comfortable with and ponies that won't judge his inventions. Tick Tock has proven to be quite brilliant, coming up with inventions that far advance his own time period. Though in good company, he still has introverted tendencies and prefers to be left alone to fiddle with his inventions hours on end, easily worn out by the Doctor's constant, and ridiculous, antics.

He is shown to have a fascnination with canned peaches and toast.


Tick Tock grew up in the war town of Neighers, now known as Ft. Neighers, and was found at a very young age by the gryphon, General Lionheart. The General took him in as his own, alongside Tick Tock's adopted brothers, Lightwing and Jot the dragon. Tick Tock and Lightwing were raised to become soldiers against the constant army of monsters that swarmed the Plague Lands and swamps surrounding Ft. Neighers. While Lightwing became a Captain, Tick Tock's odd behavior and inventions made him an outcast in his own town and eventually resorted to staying at home where he could work on them, the Neighers citizens cruelly nicknaming him 'Cuckoo Clock'.

When the Doctor arrived with Derpy , the Tardis parked itself inside Tick Tock's house, where he promptly threatened to shoot them with a crossbow if they did not identify themselves. After clearing the air, Tick Tock let them pass, on the grounds they leave him alone to work. When the Terror appeared as a threat, the Doctor and Derpy encouraged Tick Tock to use his inventions to help stop it. After the Terror had been defeated, locked in a pocket dimension, Tick Tock invited himself into the Doctor's traveling crew, to which the Doctor had zero complaints or hesitations. Tick Tock now travels in the Tardis as the Doctor's companion, alongside Derpy.